Premium Thyroid Support Supplements w/ L-Tyrosine, Iodine (From Kelp), Green Tea Leaf Extract, Guggulipid, Bacopa monniera , Selenium And Vitamin A, B6, C & D – 60 Vcaps – Vegetarian Formula


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Introducing Thyroid Support - The Complete Solution!

A comprehensive formula that support healthy thyroid functions and stress response
Here what it is made of:
* L-Tyrosine - essential component to produce thyroid hormones (effect mood, energy level and stress response)
* Gugulipid® resin extract - patented ingredient, active compound that support iodine uptake and essential for thyroid hormones production
* Bacopin® leaf extract - patented ingredient, support thyroid hormones production and help addressing cognitive function typically affected by sub-optimal thyroid function
* Ashwagandha Root extract - studies shown to promote healthy thyroid gland function and helping the body better respond to stress
* Green Tea leaf extract - studies demonstrate the ability of EGCG found in green tea to help increase the amount of calories used by the body
* Vitamin B6 and C - cofactors required for the body's natural production and metabolism of tyrosine
* Vitamin A, D and Zinc - important for thyroid hormone receptor function
* Selenium - essential cofactor for the deiodinase enzymes responsible for thyroid hormone activation

What Does It Has To Do With You?

* Support normal, healthy thyroid gland functions
* Support normal metabolic rate

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  • 15 nutrients and herbal - comprehensive support formula to support normal, healthy thyroid functions. Help promote normal metabolism and manage stress response.
  • 500mg of L-Tyrosine and 300mcg of iodine (natural source from kelp) which are essential component of thyroid hormones production.
  • 150mg of Gugulipid® resin extract and 100mg of Bacopin® leaf extract, most researched patented ingredients from Sabinsa Corporation. Studies shown both ingredients to support the production of thyroid hormones as well as other health benefits.
  • 100mg of Ashwagandha root extract, most researched ingredient from Sabinsa Corporation, shown to promote healthy thyroid and adrenal gland functions and helping the body better respond to stress.
  • Made in USA under strict cGMP. 100% natural and potency guaranteed. Uses the highest, purest quality and most potent ingredients such as trademarked and patented ingredients. Gluten free, no preservative, no additive, no flavour, no artificial.